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Blasting Machine | BB-75 High-Energy Capacitive Discharge Blasting Machine



An advanced, compact high-energy capacitive discharge blasting machine capable of initiating a minimum of 75 EBCs (tested through 340 ohms). Bridgewire and firing line continuity is testable through the integrated haptic (tactile feedback) circuit tester with redundant LED. Intrinsic safeties include automatic abort, internal shunt, boot-protected switches, touchproof output terminals with downward facing inputs, and fuse protected testing circuit.



Features & Specifications:

Manufactured in the USA

320 VDC @ 10 Joules (min) firing energy (max output 340 VDC @13 Joules)
– Capable of firing a minimum of 75 EBCs connected via 3000’ of two-conductor 18 ga. copper firing line (tested through 340 ohms)
– Uses standard 9-Volt battery (included)

Built-in bridgewire testing circuit
– Less than 800 µA (micro amps) maximum current draw, barely 1/60th the maximum allowable safe testing current of 50 mA, as established by MSHA.
– Testing circuit protected by 50mA fuse
– The ONLY blasting box featuring a built-in haptic (tactile feedback) bridgewire continuity tester
– Strong vibrating response provides positive indication, even in direct sunlight and noisy environments
– Bi-Color LED visually confirms continuity and indicates a low-battery

Small and lightweight
– 3.5” wide x 6.5”