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Drill Connex Item # 5035


50 Cap Blasting Machine


HB50 Scorpion SolidState Electronic Blasting Machine

Model: HB-50



Scorpion SolidState Electronic Blasting Machine


Operation:To Test: Always check blasting circuit with appropriate for blasting test device prior to connecting to Blasting Machine. Before connecting to blasting

circuit, depress CHARGE switch until READY light illuminates. While maintaining pressure on CHARGE switch depress DETONATE switch.

READY light should extinguish immediately.


Caution: Do NOT relax CHARGE switch when depressing DETONATE switch. The dual switch firing circuit assures the blasters intent to



When READY light fails to illuminate within 8 seconds , replace the Heavy Duty Alkaline 9V battery accessible through the battery cap located on the right side of the unit. Make note to insure proper polarity when replacing battery. Connect Blasting Machine to blasting circuit and repeat CHARGE AND DETONATE sequence as in To Test. NEVER use the HB50 as an alternate energy source on equipment for which it was not designed. Never use a damaged or questionable machine


Case Material:   H.D. Urethane
Case Size:   3"W x 1.5"D x 4"H
    7.6cm W x 3.81cm D x 10.13cm H
Weight:   15.8 oz. (0.312 kg)
Shipping Weight:   2 lb. (0.908 kg)


Type of Circuitry:   Solid State Electronic
Firing Control Circuit:   SCR (silicon controlled rectifier)
Firing Voltage:   220 VDC Minimum / 225 VDC Maximum
Firing Energy:   4.0 Joule (w/s)
Power Source:   1 Ea. 9V Alkaline Cell (NEDA  )
Battery Voltage:   9V
H.V. Source:   Inverter, Solid State Electronic
Energy Storage:   Capacitor, Special Electrolytic, H.D.


Straight Series:   50 - 2 Ohm Electric Blasting Caps
Series Parallel:   2 Series of 25 - 2 Ohm Electric Blasting Caps

Max. Ohms @ 1.5 Amperes &

0.025 Joules / Ohm Circ.




Blasting Machine - 50 Cap

SKU: 5035
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