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CG-050M Manual Grout Pump

The ChemGrout model CG-050M is a portable, skid mounted, hand operated grout pump.

The lightweight aluminum design makes this grout pump perfect for smaller jobs.

This unit features a 19 Litre holding hopper and a piston pump. The holding hopper is connected directly to the suction of the pump for a continuous pumping operation.

The grout pump is a 2″ positive displacement manually powered pulsating piston pump.

The system disassembles without any tools for a fast and efficient cleaning. The pump comes complete and ready to use with a free 3.8m grout hose and a set of spare piston cups.

CG-050M Manual Grout Pump

  • Marine/underwater, door frames, window frames, hollow metal filling, precast, machine base, under sealing, slab raising, and well encasements

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