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CG-C6 Progressive Cavity Grout Pumps

The ChemGrout CG-C6 is a perfect solution when pumping viscous, abrasive or solid laden materials.

This size 6 Progressive Cavity, positive displacement, open throat Grout Pump is designed for neat cement, bentonite, cement/bentonite, cement/sand, non-shrink grouts, metallic grouts, self leveling underlayments, some repair mortars, plaster, fireproofing and most packaged grout mixes.

ChemGrout incorporates unique features for the grouting industry, including a trap door in the suction housing for easy clean-up and a split packing gland for easy access into the stuffing box.

The CG-C6 progressing cavity grout pump features output volumes from 3.8 LPM to 94 LPM and output pressures from 174 PSI (12 BAR) up to 522 PSI (36 BAR).

The pumps are equipped with an auger in the bottom of the suction housing to help feed thick pasty materials into the rotor/stator. The pumps are equipped with various sized holding hoppers and hopper screens best suited for the materials and application.

The ChemGrout CG-C6 grout pumps can be designed with optional items like variable speed controls to give you complete control over the grout flow or a pump bypass assembly to ensure proper pressure control during grouting operations. The operator controls are centrally located for efficient, safe production.

All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning, and maintenance, available both skid and wheel mounted.

CG-C6 Progressive Cavity Grout Pumps

  • Soil & rock, void filling, waterproofing, anchor, cable, rock bolts, encasements, marine/underwater, well casing, abandon shafts/holes, spraying topcoats, machine base, underlayments, slabjacking, slab raising & bridge rehabilitation, cable stays, post tensioning, slurry cutoff walls, foundation repair, anchors, roadway repair, dowel rod grouting, concrete repair, masonry repair, floor restoration, slab undersealing, mudjacking, soil stabilization, slurry trench, pressure grouting, window grouting, building construction, tiebacks, self-leveling underlayments, floor topping, and machine bases.

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