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CG-CL6 Progressive Cavity Grout Pump

The CL6A is a revolutionary Size 6, Progressive Cavity Grout Pump that utilizes a long life, non-pulsating positive displacement rotor-stator.  

These progressive cavity grout pump systems feature output volumes from 3.8 LPM to 95 LPM and output pressures from 174 PSI (12 BAR) up to 261 PSI (18 BAR). 

The pump is made with high strength aluminum alloy.  The progressive cavity pump is a perfect solution when pumping viscous, abrasive or solid laden materials.  The CL6A is designed to pump neat cement, bentonite, cement/bentonite, ultrafine cements, cement/sand, non-shrink grouts, metallic grouts, self leveling underlayments, some repair mortars, plaster, fireproofing and most packaged grout mixes.


The revolutionary patent pending design incorporates ChemGrout’s newly engineered suction housing that allows immediate access to all four sides.  The housing covers are removed by simply loosening a series of thumbscrews that quickly provides the operator unrestricted access without the use of tools. 

Maintenance and clean up, which used to be a very time consuming process, can now be done in just minutes.   A new grit seal has also been added to prevent material from depositing into the hollow cavity of the drive shaft, thus enabling easy removal of the connecting rod.  This rubber seal not only helps reduce clean-up time, but also increases pump reliability and prolongs the operating life of the rotor/stator.

Greater efficiency of the CL6A is further realized through the use of a split-packing gland that replaces the awkward solid, one-piece gland.  This change now offers easy access to the stuffing box, saving considerable time when replacing the packing.  

In addition, ChemGrout has incorporated an automatic greaser that provides packing lubrication and positive pressure.  This positive pressure in the stuffing box prevents material entry, thereby reducing maintenance costs and extending pump life. 

The high-strength aluminum alloy construction also offers durability and a weight reduction of 33% over similar pumps.

The new high performance, low maintenance CL6A pump can be used in a variety of applications, and is currently being offered in ChemGrout’s newly manufactured grout plants and retrofitted into many of their existing field models.  Users of other similar progressive cavity pumps can also utilize these time saving improvements and easily convert the CL6A into their existing process.

The pumps can be equipped with various sized holding hoppers and hopper screens, or fitted with suction hoses.  These grout pumps can be designed with variable speed controls to give you complete control over the grout flow. 

An optional pump bypass assembly ensures proper pressure control during grouting operations. 

All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning, and maintenance.

CG-CL6 Progressive Cavity Grout Pump

  • Soil & rock, void filling, waterproofing, anchor, cable, rock bolts, encasements, well casing, abandon shafts/holes, spraying topcoats, underlayments, slabjacking, slab raising, cable stays, post tensioning, slurry cutoff walls, anchors, roadway repair, dowel rod grouting, floor restoration, slab undersealing, mudjacking, soil stabilization, pressure grouting, window & door frame grouting, building construction, self-leveling underlayment, and floor topping.

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