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CG- QUATTRO Continuous Mix

The ChemGrout model CGQUATTRO is a wheel mounted, electric powered, continuous mixing grout machine that is designed to continuous mixing and pump cementitous grout materials like self-leveling underlayments.

An optional air compressor allows spray applications for plasters, EFIS, stuccos and fireproofing materials.

This compact design allows easy movement through doorways for access to the job site.

The Quattro includes a large hopper for dry material, a rotor/stator pump, water pump and remote control. The hopper holds up to 8 bags of dry material. The rotor/stator pump deliver up to 49 LPM, 580 PSI.

The water pump delivers constant pressure to the mixing chamber for consistent quality. The remote control is used to shut the Quattro off from the end of the hose.

The rugged steel frame stands up to the toughest conditions on the job site.

Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. The pumping components disassemble quickly for fast and efficient cleaning. An optional air compressor supplies the air for the spray wand and can be used as a remote control to shut the Quattro off from the end of the hose. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

This system requires 440V, 20 A, 3 phase electric power.

Pricing includes 30 Metres of material discharge hose, cleaning kit, tool kit, and spare rotor/stator. The optional air compressor includes 30 Metres of air hose and the spray wand

CG-QUATTRO Continuous Mix Grout Plant

  • Self leveling floor underlayments, plastering, stucco, EFIS, fireproofing, resurfacing deteriorated concrete, waterproofing, mortar spraying, seal coating concrete and finishing concrete.

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