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Product Description

The Air Connex 1200CFM/25BAR (non silent) stationary engine driven screw air compressors come with large rotor Two Stage air-ends. The Diesel Cummins Engine provide excellent power with low fuel consumption and the engine is supported by a Cummins global warranty.  The working pressure range is 19~30bar with automatic adjustment for the air flow and air pressure.

These high pressure series units are suitable for Water Well Drilling, Geothermal Air Drilling, Oil & Gas Exploration and large Construction projects.


Features & Benefits:

1. Screw Air-end with high efficiency and a strong warranty (5 years/10,000 hours)

2. Fuel Efficient CUMMINS Diesel Engine

3. Adopts German KTR high elastic coupling, no resonance during operation;

4. Intelligent Controller, optional GPS/GPRS remote control & monitoring with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) full running system.

5. Air filter function with large filtration area, small resistance

6. Intake valve with anti-ejection oil one-way function


Technical Specifications:

ModelTWT1200D-30F (Wheels optional)
Compressor StageTwo Stage
Free Air Delive