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The DMT ground cable is necessary to perform DMT and SDMT measurements.

It connects to the DMT Control Unit and – at the opposite end of the cable – the alligator clamp should grip the rods pushed into the ground.

The ground cable must provide a very good electrical contact with the rods advancing the DMT and/or the SDMT in the soil.

The ground cable may be connected to the penetration machine instead of to the rods, if there is good electrical contact between machine and rods.


Important Note: If the electric contact is not sufficient with the penetration rods (resistance higher than 200 Ohms), the DMT and especially the SDMT may not work properly.

Avoid clamping the ground cable to parts with paint, mud or rust.


Weight: 0.15kg

Dimensions: 50mm x 110mm x 180mm 

DMT Ground Cable

SKU: Marchetti part #0720
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