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Dynamic Penetrometric Tests in a portable device.

The Pagani DPM30 penetrometer allows exclusively continuous dynamic penetrometric tests to be performed.

For the dynamic tests, the penetrometer is equipped with a 30 kg (66 pound) hammer with a 200 mm (7.87 inch) stroke, operated by a hydraulic motor.

It is driven by a motor-pump unit, where the motor can be either electric (220v) or a petrol engine.

A hydraulic extractor is used to extract rods, lining tubes and samplers. The penetrometer is controlled via a pedal-operated distributor. The hydraulic connections on the various components use quick connectors.

Reliability proven by hundreds of units operational within Italy and around the world.

Available options

The DPM30 penetrometer can use the following, as well as its standard equipment:
• a sampler for taking soil samples with limited disturbance, guaranteeing improved ability to interpret the penetrometric data;
• removable bits;
• lining tubes for DP tests.

DPM 30-20

  • Details

    Penetrometer System

    • Weight of hammer: 30 kg
    • Drop height: 200 mm
    • Rods in special steel: Ø 20 mm; L 1000 mm; Weight 2,4 kg
    • Cone specifications: Ø 35,6 mm; B 60°; A 10 cm²
  • Configurations

    • Dynamic for ø20 mm rods (petrol engine)
    • Dynamic for ø20 mm rods (110V electric motor)
    • Dynamic for ø20 mm rods (220V electric motor)
    • Dynamic for ø22 mm rods (petrol engine)
    • Dynamic for ø22 mm rods (110V electric motor)
    • Dynamic for ø22 mm rods (220V electric motor)
  • Certifications

    Our machines are CE certified and compliant

    As shown by the certifications we have attained, the specifications of our machines have undergone verifications and have been found to comply with CE and USA CFR (Title 29 S1910 Subpart O) directives in order to guarantee users safe cutting-edge products.

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