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E2.20 Geotechnical Rig

The E 2.20 Geotechnical Rig comes with Rubber Tracks and 4 x Stabilisers (2 articulated).

The unit is powered by a Diesel Yanmer Engine 17.6kW (23.6hp). It has a fuel tank capacity of 20 litres and runs off a 12V system.

Also fitted is a Rotary Head with Gearbox and Air Swivel. Rotary Head speed of 230 rpm & 120daNm.

Pull Up force is 1100 daN and Pull Down force is 1100 daN.

Weight 980kg - 1400kg.

The unit also comes with a foot clamp and many other features. View our PDF's page and also our video page for more information on this rig and also other geotechnical rigs in the range. 

EMCI E 2.20 Geotechnical Rig

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