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The EXPLO 350 is a dismountable and portable drilling rig, dedicated to shallow geotechnical and
environmental investigation. It can use various drilling techniques, rotary drilling, coring, augers, SPT or percussion with down-the-hole or top-hole hammer. It is equipped with a diesel 36 HP engine.
The EXPLO 350 rig is made of seven separate and dismountable parts, which can be handled
separately. Their aluminum skids make them easy to transport on any site, even with a very difficult
access. Only 10 minutes are necessary to remount it on site. Its total weight is 930 kg. Using Standard Core drilling techniques with PO sized products the EXPLO350 can reach depths of at least 40m.  

DTH Drilling can be conducted by using a seperate Air Compressor for flushing air and operation of the hammer itself. Depths of approximately 50m can be achieved depending on the DTH Bit, Hammer and Drill Rod diameter.

SPT Testing can be conducted by purchasing the capstan with the hydraulic motor. Pulleys are then mounted at the top of the mast (see attached pictures).

EXPLO 350 Drill Rig

  • Chassis Aluminum skid, with carrying handles and 4
    stabilization feet
    Guiding slide for easy mounting of the engine
    and of the hydraulic tank
    Engine Diesel engine Yanmar 36 hp
    12V battery with electric starter
    Emergency stop and manual starter
    Connection to the hydraulic pump by capstan
    Hydraulic unit Aluminum skid, 30 l capacity
    Level indicator and temperature gauge
    Integrated cooler
    Triple body hydraulic pump
    Rotation head Steel structure, with safety hook for injection
    hose, and carrying handle
    Pinion transmission
    Injection swivel
    Eurodrill head with 2 Danfoss hydraulic motors
    Max. torque : 100 daNm (mkg)
    Rotation : 175 and 350 rpm
    Mast Aluminum structure, with carrying handle
    Rotation head translation with hydraulic motor
    and chain
    Dismountable stainless steel guiding slides
    Stroke : 1850 mm – Pull-up capacity : 1000 kg
    Control Panel Hydraulic distributors for translation and rotation
    Adjustment of push-down thrust on bit
    Options Electric engine
    SPT capstan
    Wireline winch
    Portable injection pump with thermal engine
    Top hydraulic hammer
    Safety cage complying to CE regulations
    Safety plates
    Dimensions in working position
    (L x W x H) = 2319 x 1128 x 3535 mm
    Total weight :
    930 kg

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