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Line Atomizer Lubricator

  • Reliable and robust
  • Easily refillable


Modern, light and robust, the Montabert line oiler features a large capacity that works in any position and can be easily refilled. Oil flow supply is instantaneous and constant and easily regulated. Owing to its original Montabert design, it does not drain when stopped. When used with a medium size rock drill, the pressure loss is so low that it cannot be measured by normal means.

Montabert Line Atomiser (oiler)

  •    GM.4  GM.44
     Unladen weight  3 Kg  3.5 Kg
     Capacity  0.7 l
     Air flow at 5,5 bar  2,000–6,000 l/min
     Length  305 mm
     Diameter  89 mm
     Inlet and outlet male 
     Gas pipe thread
     26/34 (1')
     Optional    With mounting flange
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