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The Mindrill MPD100 is a more heavy-duty and upgraded version of the MPD90. It delivers 30% higher drilling productivity than the MPD90 and is the best way to increase drilling rates with your existing capital equipment and drill rigs. Mindrill recommends this MPD100 for sustained and high-performance drilling. This drill has parts interchangeable with the OSM MP100.


  • Increase drilling productivity by 30% compared to MPD90
  • The same mounting arrangement as MPD90 for higher productivity drilling on the same drill rig
  • Top choice for increasing drilling productivity with an existing drill rig
  • Compatible with a wide range of drill rigs
  • Simple design and highest productivity drilling
  • Integrated noise-reduction silencer
  • Both water and air flushing options available
  • High-quality internal spares
  • Low running & low maintenance cost
  • High return on investment
  • Parts interchangeable with OSM MP100


  • Weight: 39 kg
    Length: 630 mm
    Air Consumption: 70 lpm
    Drill Still Chuck Hex: 22 mm x 108 mm
    Piston Diameter: 100 mm
    Hose Connections: 25 mm
    Impact Rate: 2000 BPM

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