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The MPD120 pneumatic drifter drill is a highly versatile yet low-cost drill suitable for both surface and underground applications. This drill can be used with a variety of shank adapters making it highly versatile and it is designed especially for long-hole drilling, bench drilling, and drifting with hole diameters of 51-89 mm (2-3.5 in.). It is also easily mountable on a variety of drill rigs. This MPD120 drill has both water and air flushing options and can be converted easily from one to another based on the operator’s ever-changing needs. It has a rifle-bar actuated rotation motor which has eight pawl sets, providing four for each direction and thus enabling rotation in either direction. The incoming air hose connection can be made on either side of the drill to ensure easy control and operator comfort. Mindrill also provides high-quality spare drifter parts for prolonged drill life.


  • Multipurpose long-hole drill suitable for both underground and surface applications
  • Can be easily mounted on a drill rig and used with a variety of shank adapters for various applications
  • Both-sided reversible rotation mechanism
  • Spare pneumatic drifter parts also available


  • Weight: 69 kg
    Length: 780 mm
    Air Consumption: 167 l/sec
    Chuck: 38 mm
    Piston Diameter: 120 mm
    Rotation Speed: 0 – 210 rpm

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