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The Pro900 is the most powerful geotechnical drilling rig in this range (87 HP -64 kW - engine),
mounted on self-propelled rubber tracks, dedicated to deep geotechnical investigation. All techniques are available : wash boring, augering, percussion, and coring (conventional and
wireline), down to 100 meters. With a simple and robust design, the rig is easy to maintain and will be operated in the most difficult job conditions. Very handy with its tracks and low skid, it can easily be used on uneven ground. Moving the rig on site is performed with a radio remote controller.
Equipped with a variable displacement rotation head, it offers a torque up to 600 daNm and a
rotation speed up to 600 rpm. Its high level equipment includes 4 hydraulic stabilization feet, sliding of the head with a jack, a mast advance system with 500 mm stroke, a top mounted injection swivel, a lateral rod rack, a double break-out rod clamp with 220 mm opening, and a water/mud injection pump.
The mast is raised in vertical position using another hydraulic jack, and has a useful stroke of 2.55 meters, allowing to use 2.0 m long rods.


Other optional equipment is available :
- Screw type injection pump
- Top percussion hammer
- Wireline winch
- Longer mast for 3.0 m long rods
- Heavy duty rubber or steel tracks
- Semi or full automatic SPT hammer
- Radio remote control for displacement

The Pro900 rig is equipped with safety emergency stop buttons on the control panel and on the remote. It can be equipped with a protection cage.



Welded steel skid with a self-propelled track 1520 mm wide and 2188 mm long.
4 hydraulic stabilization feet, side rod rack integrated
Displacement with radio remote controller and on the control panel



Diesel engine Yanmar 87 HP (64 kW)
Air cooling system
Gasoil tank 68 litres
Hydraulic oil tank 110 litres
Triple hydraulic pump
Hydraulic oil cooler


Rotational Head

Torque : 70 to 600 daNm (mkg)
Rotation : 120 to 600 rpm
Air/water injection swivel
Translation by motor and double chain
Hydraulic lateral sliding of 200 mm



Useful stroke 2550 mm (option 3500 mm)
Total height (mast raised) = 5200 mm
Raising by hydraulic jack
Thrust and pull-out capacity = 4800 kg (48 kN)
Vertical mast advance 500 mm
Double break-out rod clamp opening 220 mm
Manipulation winch with capacity 1000 kg



Emergency stop on remote controller and on
control panel
Protection cage on request



Top hydraulic hammer for rotary-percussion
Triplex or screw injection pump
Casing extraction system (12 tons)
Automatic SPT hammer
2 speeds manipulation and wireline winch


Dimensions in Drilling Position

(L x W x H) = 4086mm x 1530mm x 6538mm


Dimensions when tramming/moving

(L x W x H) = 6121mm x 1530mm x 2645mm



3500kg to 4200kg (depending on options)


SKU: Pro900 Geo Drill
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