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Mindrill crawler drill machine YODHA150-2X  is a pneumatic crawler drill for drilling with a TH hammer. It comes with two independent 5 HP propulsion air motors steered with a piston driven rotary head. Its robust construction, track mounted frame, and mainframe walking beam oscillator assembly is ideal for drilling in confined areas with rough terrain. The strong 7.5 HP air powered hydraulic pump ensures high feed force and supreme productivity.


The crawler drill machine YODHA150-2X is a low-cost, effective, and versatile drilling rig that offers great return on investment for a wide range of applications. The compact and lightweight track-mounted frame is ideal for maneuvering over rough terrains and confined areas. It has a versatile feed boom arrangement that allows it to perform drilling in a wide range of angles and orientations.


  • Single man operated high-production drill rig
  • Capable of both DTH and drifting
  • Two independent air motor-powered track assemblies on either side
  • Reliable self-propulsion
  • Capable to drill holes(TH) of 35 mm (1.38 in) in diameter
  • Capable to drill holes(DTH) of 115 mm (4.5 in) in diameter

YODHA 150-2X

  • Carrier
    Tramming speed: 3.2 km/h
    Traction force: 17 kN
    Track oscillation: ±20°
    Ground clearance: 230 mm
    Hill climbing ability: 30%

    Pneumatic – driven chain feed
    Feed length: 3665 mm
    Max. feed rate: 0.3 m/s
    Feed force pull up: 1800 kg
    Feed force pull down: 2140 kg
    Total length: 5130 mm
    Travel length: 3565 mm

    Weight: 2755 kg

    Height and length
    Overall length: 4700 mm
    Width: 1750 mm
    Height (Guide horizontal): 2600 mm
    Hole depth max (TH): 3.6 m
    Hole depth max (DTH): 15 m

    Hole range
    Hole dia (TH): 35 mm
    Hole dia (DTH): 115 mm

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