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Mindrill Pneumatic DTH Crawler Drill YODHA200 comes with a 5 hp air motor piston steered with a piston-driven rotary head with adequate torque while dealing with difficult formations. The machine is designed with both DTH drilling & Drifter drilling functionality.


DTH Crawler Drilling rig YODHA200 is applicable for all types of rocks (hard/soft). Its combined rotational movement helps to crush down the rocks in an efficient manner. Besides, this pneumatic rock drill is suitable to make horizontal holes in tunnel construction & mining.


  • Air motor piston driven with rotary head with adequate torque
  • Capable to drill holes of 115-121 mm (4.5 – 4.75 in) in diameter


  • Carrier
    Tramming Speed: 3.2 km/h
    Traction Force: 17 kN
    Track Oscilation: ±20°
    Ground Clearance: 230 mm
    Hill Climbing Ability: 30%

    Pneumatic – Driven Chain Feed
    Feed Length: 3665 mm
    Max. Feed Rate: 0.3 m/s
    Feed Force Pull Up: 1800 kg
    Feed Force Pull Down: 2140 kg
    Total Length: 5130 mm
    Travel Length: 3565 mm

    Weight: 2885 kg

    Height and Length
    Overall Length: 4700 mm
    Width: 1750 mm
    Height (Guide Horizontal): 2600 mm
    Depth of Drilling (DTH): 15 mtr

    Hole Range
    Hole Range (DTH): 115-121 mm

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