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DTH Crawler Drill YODHA450 by Mindrill, is a versatile and rugged drill rig that can handle steep climbs and rough terrain with ease. The crawler drill ensures fast and efficient drilling while servicing is quick and easy – requiring just one person. The YODHA450 is suitable for limestone, aggregate quarries, surface mining applications, and construction.


DTH Crawler Drilling rig YODHA450 can be interchanged between Down-The-Hole and top-hammer drilling to meet different application needs. Additionally, the YODHA450 is easy to transport due to its compact dimensions and low center of gravity, making the machine very stable.


  • Heavy-duty crawler drill for quarrying & open-pit mining
  • Best-in-class 11.5HP traction air motors
  • Powerful feed & rotation assembly for high-impact drilling
  • Hydraulic oscillating cylinders for suspension & stability
  • Centralized control panel for effective control
  • Integrated drill rod carrier for smooth transport
  • Water flushing/water mist system optional
  • Seating platform for operator
  • Supplied with starter kit for quick start in operations
  • Capable of drilling with DTH hammer or top hammer
  • Powerful traction system for better marching
  • Bigger drilling coverage area


  • Carrier
    Tramming speed: 3.0 km/h
    Track oscillation: ±10°

    Steel Feed
    Feed extension: 1219 mm
    Max. feed rate: 0.25 m/s
    Max feed force: 21 kN
    Total length: 5750 mm
    Travel length: 4250 mm

    Drill tube / Rod size
    Rod/Pipe size: 76 mm

    Transport Dimensions
    Weight: 4800 kg
    Height: 2430 mm
    Length: 5750 mm
    Width: 2480 mm

    Hole Range
    Range: 105 – 127 mm

    Recommended Air Compressor DTH
    Free Air Delivery (FAD): 500-550 cfm
    Operating Pressure: 175-220 psi

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